Topics Covered in the Workshops

Introduction to OSGP

For all interested in OSGP (deferred comp) benefits. This workshop covers how to enroll, investment strategies, fees and distributions. It is intended for employees who are interested in enrolling in the plan or for employees seeking a refresher course.

Basic Investment Concepts

This presentation is an overview of investment types, trends, and strategies to help the average investor maximize their retirement savings.

Calculate Your Savings Goal

This workshop will help you develop a retirement savings goal and a plan to reach that goal. Participants will calculate an approximate PERS pension and Social Security benefit, IAP account balance, and the future growth of their current retirement savings. Please bring your current pay stub, OSGP, PERS, IAP, Social Security and other retirement account statements.

Retirement Strategies with OSGP (This workshop only covers OSGP information; not PERS.)

The Ready for Retirement workshop is for participants within five years of retirement or who have severed employment. Topics include: catch-up provisions, payment options, IRS requirements, rollovers, time frames, and forms review.

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